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As the 5th largest DHL customer and the largest global authorized reseller of DHL Express, we help our customers dramatically reduce international shipping costs by consolidating the shipping volume from thousands of small businesses under one umbrella. When you request your DHL account through InXpress, the DHL account belongs to you; you just pay much less. You will gain access to discounts you would never achieve on your own. DHL picks up and delivers your packages. It’s that easy.

  • Open a DHL account through InXpress
  • Gain Access to Group Volume International Shipping Discounts
  • DHL sees YOU as the account owner (not InXpress)
  • DHL picks up and delivers your packages (not InXpress)

Real-Time DHL calculated shipping











Benefits For Your Business

Display Real-Time DHL Shipping Rates in Your osCommerce Cart



InXpress is fully integrated with










Don’t Just Offer International Shipping. Promote it and ca$h-in

Click the button below to get the osCommerce Shipping Extension from InXpress


Adding the InXpress osCommerce Extension to your store is Quick and Easy

    1. Visit the InXpress extension page in the osCommerce Extensions Marketplace.


    1. Click the “Download” blue button.


    1. Before installing the module, you must save the configuration settings. Go to “Configuration > My Store”. Go through all the rows one by one to fill all the required information.


    1. Now, for placing the module that you’ve downloaded from market place, you have to put in it the root folder of osCommerce installation. You can follow the instructions in Installation.txt file for better module installation.


    1. After placing the module, now login to osCommerce Admin Section, Go To “Modules > Shipping” and click on the install module button on the right hand side of the page.


    1. After clicking on Install Module, you’ll see all the shipping methods available on your site but not installed. Here select InXpress Service and click on “Install” button available on the right side.

      After installing the module, you’ll see two buttons namely: “Edit” & “Remove Module” with their initial settings.


    1. In the Admin Panel, Go To “Modules > Shipping”. In the shipping methods section, you’ll see shiping methods. Click on the edit of InXpress Method, you’ll see that the shipping method is disabled and the Account Number and the InXpress Account Number fields are empty.


    1. After successful installation you will receive an email from InXpress with an attached account application form for your DHL account. Complete the application and return it to InXpress. You will need a credit card to secure the DHL account. Within 3 business days after submitting the application, you will receive your DHL Account and the Extension will automatically activate.
      In the shipping method section the InXpress Shipping will be enabled and will show the Account Number.


    1. Setting the Dimensional Weight: Dimensional weight (Dim Weight) or volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package. The dimensional weight is calculated by (length x width x height) and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher total is used to calculate the shipment cost.


    1. Go to “Admin > InXpress Settings > Manage Dim Weight”. Here you can edit your product shipping measurements. Note the “Variable” field – this allows you to input how many of the product can go in one package of the same size – so if someone orders 2 items, and they fit in the same box, you can save the customer money by noting this here. “Variable” is optional, and leaving it blank equals one product per package. You can also upload shipping measurements in bulk by going to “Catalog > Manage Variants” – Just create a simple Excel file with columns for sku, length, width and height, then save as a CSV file. Click the “Import CSV” button, and your products and measurements will be visible in the interface. You can also edit one or many here as well.


    1. You can also choose standard DHL packaging (which you can get for free) to use for measurements, rather than your own custom packaging.


What Your Customers See

    1. When customers add your product to their shopping cart, and checkout, they will now see real-time DHL Express rates as an option based on your settings.





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What if I don’t have a DHL Account?

By downloading the App or submitting the form on the left, you will receive a DHL account through InXpress.

How long will it take to get my DHL Account?

You will receive your DHL account within 3 business days if submitted by 4pm MST. If after 4pm MST it will roll over to the next day. If submitted on the weekend, it will be submitted the following Monday (by Thursday of that week).

What if I already have a DHL or InXpress Account?

If you already have a DHL Account and have not used it in 6 months we can help you. If you have a direct DHL account and currently using it we will not be able to support you. If you already have an InXpress please contact us and provide your “InXpress Account Number” and you’ll be set to go.

Are there any fees to use the InXpress osCommerce Extension?

No. The Extension is free, though you will need to set up a DHL account through InXpress to take advantage of our aggregate savings. You pay shipping costs directly to InXpress, and you control how much you charge for handling through the osCommerce Admin area.

What is “Dimensional” Weight?

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 9.39.49 AMThe dimensional weight (Dim Weight) or volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package. The dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.

How do you calculate Dimensional Weight?

Inches/Pounds: multiply L x W x H divided by 139 = dim weight in lbs. CM/KG: multiply L x W x H divided by 5,000 = dim weight in KG. FedEx, UPS, and DHL use this calculation for dim weight.

Who is InXpress?

InXpress is an authorized sales partner of the world class courier company, DHL, and provides customers with greater value, added shipping solutions and genuine personalized customer service, ,saving companies like yours, valuable time and money.

How do we contact InXpress about the osCommerce Extension?

Use the form on the left, or call us direct 866-932-8854

What is InXpress’s Role?

Through the grouped purchasing power of our customers, InXpress has been able to negotiate deeply discounted rates which we can then pass along to our customers. Our global partnership with DHL allows us to provide our clients with their own DHL account number just like they would received if they contacted DHL direct, the difference is DHL applies our discount to their account.

Who picks up and handles my packages?

A DHL Express driver will pickup and handle your package from Door-to-Door.